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Andy Reade

Freelance investigative journalist, data analyst and videographer. 

Seaham Northumberland - Sea Glass Beach

By: Andrew Reade
Seaham, a small town in County Durham, England, is home to a unique sea glass beach that has transformed from an industrial waste site into a beautiful natural attraction.

The beach's origins trace back to the Victorian era when the Londonderry Bottle-works disposed of glass waste into the sea. Over a century, the North Sea's waves smoothed and polished this glass, creating a colourful array of sea glass pieces along the shoreline.

Asian Hornet Invasion: A Growing Threat to UK's Biodiversity and Beekeeping Industry

The Asian hornet was first detected in the UK in 2016 when a nest was discovered and destroyed in Gloucestershire.

Since then, there have been several confirmed sightings across England and the Channel Islands, with the most recent reports coming from Kent and Sussex.

One sighting nearer to home was in Bury, Lancashire where an Asian hornet was found in an imported lettuce bought from a supermarket
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