The English Lake District wild swimming English Lake district. Loweswater Lake shore wild swimming location.
Loweswater is a good place to Swim Wild

There are places on this beautiful planet of ours that were created to heal our souls. Having just spent the week staying on the English Lake District Peninsula. We had the golden opportunity to go wild swimming in just three of the many lakes available.

Following the advice given in the book by Suzzanna Cruickshank called Swimming Wild in the Lake District, published by Vertebrate Publishing of Sheffield. The book is wonderful and lists fourteen locations to swim wild.

Lake Bassenthwaite

Bassenthwaite was the first lake were we tested out our new wetsuits from Need Essentials The wetsuits did us proud. They allowed us to stay swimming in the cold October lake water for around an hour.

This was great fun and gave us the opportunity to realise that we needed to update some of our old windsurfing kit. Items such as wet shoes and boots were great for our windsurfing days, but not suitable for wild swimming.

Lake Loweswater

The next lake wild swimming lake we attempted was Loweswater (cover photo). This was the best of the three we have swam in so far. Slightly more remote and not too far from Buttermere, this lake was perfect.

Access was a little tricky as the road is both busy and narrow we got a parking place close to the head of the lake. This is where we found the perfect shoreline to get changed and to have our picnic once we got out. wild swimmer lake Loweswater, wild swimming in the English Lake District
Wild Swimmers Love Loweswater

It was the perfect day, amazing scenery, a cold October swim but accessible from a gently sloping beach, and it blessed us with some sunshine too. wild swimming, wild swimmer, swimming wild in the English lake District Loweswater Lake
Andy and Gail Enjoy Swimming Wild

Lake Coniston

The third and final wild swim on the last day of our week away stay at Diamond Resorts Thurnham Hall was reserved for Lake Coniston. Accessed via the Lake Windermere car ferry via Hawkshead. We parked at the National Trust car park at the head of the lake called Water Head and Monks Coniston. wild swimming location Lake Coniston, English lake District a place for wild swimming is Waterhead Lake Coniston
Lake Coniston is a Great Place to Wild Swim

A gentle slope into the bay but rocky underfoot until it was deep enough to wild swim, and then awkward getting out, bare feet not recommended! GoPro image of wild swimming in the Lake District. Swimming Wild is good for you.
Wild Swimmers Just Love the Water