Kenya March 2012



Siezing the opportunity to visit Kenya, the Great Rift Valley and to stay with the Maasai in Amboseli National Park was a complete no brainer, and without realising at the time it was my first attempt at field recording. A trip like this to the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro needed to be recorded and preserved, so along my Fuji DSLR I also took along a Tascam Dr-100 field recorder. Be aware this is my very first attempt at recording, the video is noisy, so turn down your speakers. I knew nothing about clipping audio at the time.



Looking back at the rookie recording errors like not having any wind protection for the mic’s on the Tascam and clearly my video skills needed some improvement too. The internet back then was not as it is now and even YouTube wasn’t full of the excellent content and tutorials that you can view today. So that is my excuse and I’m sticking it to it, stick around a lot has changed and I have learnt so much over the last ten years.

Today I use a combination of a Tascam-DR60 with different microphone combinations, a Zoom H1n and my Iphone with a Shure MV88 microphone. Video has now moved solely to filming in 4K using two GoPro Hero10s with Media Mods, a Hero8, and a Hero7 for those wet shots and because I pack sensibly and travel light a DJI Pocket2.